Snow Business Like Show Business

Well, here at the The@trics Headquarters, this is what we woke up to this morning –

The The@trics Weather Division is forecasting some occasional snow throughout the rest of the morning and a few flurries this afternoon and evening. However, the roads are clear and there’s no ice to be found. So fear not, because thrifTheatre will perform whatever the weather, because we only have two performances left! Can you believe it’s already closing night? It feels like we just opened.

Yes, it has been a quick run – but an utterly AMAZING run. Last night’s show was even better than Thursday’s awesome open – and the usual “tired because I worked all week” Friday night theatre crowd was nowhere to be found, because we had a lively “we came to have a blast” Friday night theatre crowd show up for one knockout of a show!

We here at The@trics would like to take this moment to really thank our spectacular local sponsor Arizona’s Hometown Radio Group (and their Quad-City stations KPPV, KDDL, and KQNA) and  and our spectacular national sponsor The Puffin Foundation. These two have been instrumental in bringing thrifTheatre to life, so please read more about them, check them out, donate to them, or support them in your own way if you feel so inclined, but most importantly thank them for seeing the value in sponsoring thrifTheatre!

So, the snow may already be upon us, but it’s not too late to get tickets for our 2:00pm matinee and 7:30pm evening performance! Head over to Brown Paper Tickets to claim any last-minute discounts or buy them at the door today at First Congregational Church over at 216 East Gurley Street! Snow way you want to miss this!

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