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Devising, designing, developing, and implementing innovative and interactive solutions to the production and promotion of live theatre through: collaborative classes; challenging workshops; novel marketing ideas; contemporary social media strategies; cutting-edge technology; avant-garde play festivals; and inventive community-based performance arts.

WHAT: The@trics headstrongs towards viability, affordability, and innovation as a means of engaging the theatrically-lustful but (oft times) barely-walletted in relevant theatre.  Begun as a reply to those theatrically important bodies clam-clamouring over lack of audience turn out whilst their (primarily) gray-headed contingent disapperates into the under-dust of gravestoned beneficiarism, The@trics aspires towards an ever-evolving and impactful process that inspires the much sought after “New” audience as well as the returning.

HOW: Offering classes that both captivate and motivate, The@trics steers imaginations ever onwards, nurturing theatrical connections that educate and inspire students of all ages.  In addition to our dedicated education efforts, The@trics focuses on igniting new and effective connections within communities by way of productions that engage the multitudes in a theatricality that is more than mere entertainment – creating production opportunities that span creative and social arcs, serving the communities that in turn serve us.

WHERE: The@trics wanders nomadic; a versatile collective of ideas inhabiting the head-space of the inter-web-collective, whilst sprinkling its productions and classes across the geo-sphere.

WHO: Founded by Cason Murphy (Director, Actor, and all-round Theatricalist) and Tiffany Antone (Playwright, Director, and Daydreamer Extraordinaire)




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