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Well, thrifTheatre is officially done! Our last two shows were a phenomenal way to go out – and our wonderful cast, crew, and group of CCJ volunteers stuck around, despite the long day and the uncertain road conditions, to help us clean up Perkins Hall and vanish like theatre-makers into the night. As the fatigue of the week of “guerilla theatre” subsides, we here at The@trics are spending a relaxing morning, reflecting on the wonder of what happened the past few nights.

Speaking of reflecting, here is the promised list of the items that didn’t make it into thrifTheatre this time. We certainly wish we could have used all of these zany items and wonderful plays they inspired this time around, but that’s part of producing a playwright fest. And, hey, you never know what thrifTheatre Round Two may hold…

“What are little girls made of?” Picture Album



Functional Polaroid Camera









Captain America and Foam Elephant Boys’ Hat



Functional Hanson computer bath scale







“My Growing Years” picture measuring chart




Little girl’s green velvet and lace dress








Backgammon set




Otter painting (on canvas)










We know how to pick weird items around here, don’t we?

Well, we did know how to pick a winner of a partner for thrifTheatre. We at The@trics consider ourselves so wonderfully lucky to have been able to team up with such a powerhouse of an organization – the CCJ – for thrifTheatre. Their staff and group of volunteers made this whole process far easier and more sane, and then the services they have been providing in our community make them all the more amazing. We have no doubt that they will be able to find a incredibly meaningful way to use the funds that thrifTheatre garnered.

We were remarking last night how truly lucky we’ve been to have the support, the sponsors (thanks one more time to Arizona’s Hometown Radio Group and the Puffin Foundation!), the partnerships, the willing group of directors and actors and crew folk, and the audiences that we did. For this being The@trics’ first producing gig, we are over the moon! And the little wheels in our heads are already turning for more opportunities in 2013. We certainly hope you all keep checking in here at The@trics Theatre as we move forward – trust us, you won’t want to miss what is up next! Send an email to info@TheatricsTheatre.org to get put on our mailing list, should you be so interested.

And in the meantime, The@trics hopes you and yours have a very happy holiday season with whomever you might be spending it. Thank you all for being willing to spend a little bit of it with us!

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