Item #9: More Fun than a Barrel of…

Here’s the second official installment of our official thrifTheatre item countdown – yeah, it’s that official. To shed a little more light on things, we pulled out today’s item –

…unlike the misnomered “poker mat,” we haven’t had ANY idea what to call this thing.

thrifTheatre item: A lamp shaped like a barrel…or, well…a barrel that was turned into a lamp…or some combination of a barrel and a lamp? A Barrelamp. There we go.

  • Inspired the play “Sue Bee and Dallas,” written by Tiffany Antone
  • Directed by Tiffany Antone, with Devon Bonelli and Carly Fonda

Now, if you are seeing a pattern develop, you can see that when Tiffany and I raided the CCJ Thrift Shop, we were drawn to items that seemed to have a life of their own. This bizarre, unique little thing jumped out at us as something that needed to be seen onstage. I mean, it’s a lamp! And a barrel! So, we picked it up (man, it’s heavy!) and off we went…and when we tried it out later, it actually worked! So, this mystical little lamp’s legend grew and grew. It proved to be too mystifying for Tiffany, who claimed the item immediately as her own and set forth on bringing “Sue Bee and Dallas” to life. After we (sadly) lost one of our directors to other commitments, Tiffany put on her directing hat and has played double duty on this piece. And it’s adorable!

While your first look at this lamp wouldn’t necessarily bring to mind “adorable,” that’s the fun and magic of thrifTheatre!

Whereas “A New Kind of Poker” is one of our sillier showings, “Sue Bee and Dallas” is of the sweeter fare. It also employs one of the finest young actresses, Carly Fonda, and one of the finest young actors, Devon Bonelli, that we have here in Prescott. They play the eponymous characters, Sue Bee and Dallas, who take a break from harassing each other and take refuge from a particularly wild thunderstorm in a room of the house where this very lamp resides. And then…well, we can’t tell you that! You have to come see the show. But just take our word for it, that what transpires is sweeter than a barrel full of Twinkies. That’s the expression, isn’t it?

…anyway, to find out just how this lamp helps the two kiddos weather the storm, you’ll have to barrel over to Brown Paper Tickets to get your thrifTheatre tickets and come see!

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