Item #10: P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker Mat

As promised, here is our official countdown of items that will be seen onstage during the thrifTheatre performances Thursday, December 13 through Saturday, December 15! With 9 days to go, we hedged our bets and decided to start off with a sure winner –

thrifTheatre item – Plastic “Tripoley” card game mat

  • Inspired the play “A New Kind of Poker,” written by Ian Derk
  • Directed by Cason Murphy, with Kevin Goss and Matt Montgomery

So, we here at The@trics have a little confession to make…we completely forgot this mat wasn’t actually for poker. We’ve never played Tripoley, so when we found the mat, we began referring to it in shorthand as a “poker mat.” And, well, we just never stopped. The item had originally been given to a playwright out in Los Angeles, who unfortunately was so busy, he offered the item back up to be written about by someone else. When Ian took up the charge, we never thought to send him the picture, and just gave him the directive: “Write a play about a poker mat…” And did he ever!


But you know…since “A New Kind of Poker” follows the off-the-wall, get-rich-quick scheme of not-so-bright Aaron (Matt Montgomery) and his long-suffering roommate, Barry (Kevin Goss) – maybe this goof just fits. To find out what makes this mat so special and just what exactly this new kind of poker is, be sure to get your tickets for thrifTheatre here and join in the fun!

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