Item #6: Pillow Talk

And here we are again! Can you believe we are halfway through our countdown already? Well, grab your coffee, strap in, and get ready…because to commemorate our midpoint, we have a doozy of an item for you today –

thrifTheatre item: The “pillow”

  • Inspired the play “Please Knock if Amritsar Not Required,” written by Micki Shelton
  • Directed by Linda Miller, with Julie Harrington, Pam Martin, and Sandy Moss

Okay…we saw this thing sitting in the kids’ section at the CCJ Thrift Shop and KNEW in our theatrical heart of hearts that it was too strange not to make a thrifTheatre appearance. Well, okay, Tiffany balked at first, but I shoved it into our bag and told her to not ask too many questions. When we were looking over the items later, there was a lot of speculation over the particulars of this pillow – some of it trying to decipher the cryptic, grammatically-incorrect, misspelled message drawn on and some of it attempting to determine if this was a weird Noah’s Ark or strange plushy hotel?

But trying to sit there and figure it out is like pondering the great mysteries of the universe…so enough of our armchair play analysis, why not let one of our beloved thrifTheatre writers actually speak for themselves? Playwright Micki Shelton sent this in about her hilarious, bawdy, and all-around awesome piece:

Ah, women. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. At least I hope you can’t. When, this past summer, I received my appointed found object for thrifTheatre, I couldn’t have been happier. (Shhh…I think I got the best one!) And the play that came out of it? Well, here’s a peek at the play, “Please Knock If Amritsar Not Required” from whence it sprung. (I think I have the grammar right on that last sentence.)

The three women are on a road trip. Wendy has spent the day gallivanting through the town’s thrift stores. Charlotte is at her laptop. Eva has just come in from exercising. Soon, the three will go out to dinner. But first, Wendy has returned with her prized purchase—a purchase Charlotte finds, um, odd, to say the least. Thus begins a conversation about attraction, sex, and morality that will keep you, if not the writing on the pillow, in stitches.

And what a cast! Pam Martin portrays a wonderfully reputable Wendy; Sandy Moss is the inimitable Eva; and the wonderful Julie Harrington will make Charlotte last in your memories for weeks to come. 

We here at The@trics couldn’t have said it better ourselves! So, there you have it folks – what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now – either online at Brown Paper Tickets (if you read this before noon, you can still get tickets at a discount with the code 24hour) or head on over to the CCJ Thrift Shop for tickets in person!

The Thrift Shop is closed Sundays, so stop by today if you can’t wait until Monday – otherwise if you go there tomorrow, you might just have to…

…and no, I still haven’t the foggiest what that means exactly.

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