Item #5: Full Satin Jacket

Well, dudes and dudettes, for today’s item in the thrifTheatre countdown, we’re bringing it back old school. So, why don’t you go ahead and put the needle down on your favorite LP, pop open a TaB soda, and prepare to cruise down memory lane with this sweet thang –

thrifTheatre item: Blue satin “Liberty Lanes” bowling jacket

  • Inspired the play “Pretty Lucky,” written by Charissa Menefee
  • Directed by Karen Murphy, with Ian Derk and Julie Harrington

Vintage jackets drive me wild (if you saw Drive and didn’t dream of getting your hands on Ryan Gosling’s pillowed ivory diamond satin scorpion jacket, then…well I just don’t know what to say to you).

Ladies drool over Ryan Gosling…I drool over his jacket. I think all is fair and balanced in the world.

I have been searching Goodwills and thrift stores and the like in vain for a jacket of my own to rival the coolness of some of the satin jackets out there – and of course, when we were buying items for thrifTheatre, one of the elusive things finally rears its beautiful satin-y head. In the initial stages of buying items, we had been steering clear of clothing…but we happily talked ourselves into an exception in this case. And after seeing the play that Charissa returned for the jacket, we knew we’d turned out to be…well, pretty lucky.

Pretty Lucky, the play, is a wonderfully sweet and silly story of formerly down-on-his-luck Steve (Ian Derk). Steve returns from a play festival where they auctioned off the items onstage after the show (sound familiar?) having won an ill-fitting blue satin jacket. Eager to show it off to Celia, his put-upon wife, Steve goes on and on about how his winning of the “lucky” jacket as a sign of a change in their fortunes. Little does Steve know that Celia has a piece of news that proves that their luck has changed…just not in the way Steve had believed.

Celia’s secret and more will be revealed when thrifTheatre starts its run this weekend. Now, we have a few tickets to spare so strike while the iron is hot (okay, enough bowling pins – er…puns) – get them online over at Brown Paper Tickets or in person at the CCJ Thrift Shop at 442 West Goodwin Street in Prescott.

Check the The@trics Facebook for special discount ticket offers for Facebook friends and students (with valid ID), be sure to input the code Student on the Brown Paper Ticket site for a special discount for you!

But in the meantime, all of you stay pretty – pretty lucky


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