Twelve Days of Christmas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Twelve Days of Christmas game?  

The Twelve Days of Christmas is an interactive holiday game with a $1000 Holiday Cash Grand Prize.  There are two ways to play:

  1. Complete The Scavenger Hunt – Players decipher clues leading them to participating Prescott and Prescott Valley businesses.  Each business will provide players with a sticker for their Game Card along with the next clue in the hunt.  Complete the hunt and receive one entry into the $1000 Grand Prize Drawing!
  2. Visit the Twelve Christmas Businesses – Players visit each of our Twelve Christmas Businesses on their designated days and receive a sticker for that business on their game card.  Complete the Game Card and receive one entry into the $1000 Grand Prize Drawing!

This sounds awesome and I want to play!  How do I get started?

  1. First, you must REGISTER on this site.
  2. After you’ve registered, pick up your Game Card from the Prescott Center for the Arts box office (208 N. Marina St.)
  3. View/Print the Twelve Christmas Business schedule.
  4. Check this site again on Monday November 28th for the first Scavenger Hunt CLUE.  You will have twelve days (until December 9th) to complete the Scavenger Hunt.
  5. We’ll be giving away additional prizes through our Facebook page as well, so make sure to follow us for your chance to win even more exciting prizes!
  6. Complete the Scavenger Hunt or visit all of our Twelve Christmas Businesses on their designated days to receive one entry into the $1000 Grand Prize Drawing.  Complete BOTH the Scavenger Hunt and Twelve Christmas Businesses and receive a bonus entry – that means three total entries – into the $1000 Grand Prize Drawing!
  7. Drop off your completed Game Card at the PCA box office before 3:00, Saturday December 10th.

 Does it cost anything to play?

No, the Twelve Days of Christmas is completely FREE to play.  No purchase is necessary in any store at any point in the game, however, we do encourage you to get to know the businesses you are visiting and possibly take care of some of that Christmas shopping along the way!

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to play the game with their own Game Card. Children under the age of 18 can play with an adult, but cannot register for their own Game Card.

I want to play the Twelve Christmas Businesses, but I can’t make it to one of the businesses.  What do I do?

We know that some players might not be able to get to each and every one of our Twelve Featured Businesses on their featured day, so we’ve created three bonus stickers to help you out:

  1. If you make a non-perishable food donation at the PCA Box Office for the Yavapai Food Bank, you will receive a bonus sticker for your game card. (The PCA box office is open Mon – Sat, 10 a.m – 3 p.m.)
  2. If you donate a NEW toy at the PCA for Open Door, you will receive one bonus sticker for your game card.
  3. If you visit the Prescott Valley Early Bird Lions Christmas Tree Lot on Saturday, December 3rd, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., you will receive one bonus sticker for your game card.

I’m playing the Scavenger Hunt but I can’t make it to a business during their regular office hours – can I use the bonus stickers too?

Yes – the three bonus stickers listed above can be used for either side of your game card.  You cannot however use more than three bonus stickers total.

Also, you will need to email us ( with the name of the Scavenger Hunt Business you are unable to visit so that we can email you the next clue in the game.  It will be up to you to get your bonus sticker from one of the three above listed locations.

Do you have any advice on helping solve the Scavenger Hunt clues?

First off, we want the scavenger hunt to be fun!  We’ve designed an array of clues for each business – you can expect word puzzles (anagrams, jumbles, etc.), picture clues, riddles, and more.  Some of these clues will be handed to you, some will be on display in the business and you will have to solve the clue in the store – *Although some of these clues may not be immediately visible upon entering a store, they will never be mixed into store displays or hidden in merchandise.  Please do not tear through store merchandise in search of the next clue.  If we have a clue on display in a store, it will be hung on the wall, or on a counter.*

Secondly, we have the following suggestion for resources you may want to use to solve clues – Google, Google, Google!  All of our clues were confirmed using Google – we did not use any other search engines, and therefore cannot vouch for the validity of information you may receive from them.  So remember, when in doubt, ask Google.

I am playing the Scavenger Hunt, but one of the clues really has me stumped!  What do I do?

While we’ve made every effort to provide clues that could be solved without too much head scratching, the Scavenger Hunt was designed to be a little bit challenging (you are playing for $1000 after all!)

However, we’ve decided to offer you a “Help!” line in case you get impossibly stumped.  Please note, however, that if you ask for help on too many clues, we reserve the right to stop responding… it wouldn’t be fair after all for us to help you solve what every one else is working out on their own.

With all that said, if you really are stuck on a clue, send an email to with the subject line “Help me solve this!”  Be sure to tell us where you are in the hunt and which clue you’re having trouble with.  We will try to respond as soon as possible.

What else can I win?

Several of our participating businesses have donated additional merchandise for us to give away, including:  Gift Cards, Event Tickets, Gas Cards, Gift Baskets, and more!  Be sure to check the Twelve Christmas Business Schedule for a listing of exciting in-store giveaways as well!


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