Working With Animals and Children…

The infamous W.C. Fields is credited with saying (of Show Business), “Never work with children or animals.”

Well, this past summer, The@trics did both.

And it was AWESOME.

Our Pet Plays Festival was a weird and wacky weekend of new and unusual plays – and we raised a nice little chunk of change for the Yavapai Humane Society.  We may not have had real animals onstage, but we did have plenty of humans dressed as our furry friends.  Check out some of these pics:


Annabelle Veatch as The Cat Who Sat on the Mat, by Jen Huszcza

    Sean Jeralds as The Dog who Jumped Over a Log, by Jen Huszca

Sean Jeralds as The Dog who Jumped Over a Log, by Jen Huszca

A scene from Annette Lee's Higher Ups

A scene from Annette Lee’s Higher Ups

We are so thankful for all our talented writers, actors, and directors.  And we’re pretty sure our furry friends at YHS think you’re pretty doggone special as well.

Immediately after the Pet Plays, The@trics shifted gears and jumped head-first into our Make a Movie Workshop for Teens.

The workshop began on a Monday, and 10 days later we had a rough cut of the student-written The Good, The Bad, and The Janitor.  We couldn’t be prouder of these kids – they put so much time and talent into this production that you’d never know it’s the first time in front of/behind a camera for many of them.  We’re working on the final cut now (moving to Texas put a big dent in our calendar) – as soon as we’ve got a trailer put together, we’ll share it on the blog.

In the meanwhile, how about a few production pics?

Make a Movie workshop-1

Screenwriting is messy work!

Make a Movie workshop-1-6

Cason couldn’t resist making a cameo as the high-school principal…

Make a Movie workshop-1-2

Awesome makeup is SO important! Special thanks to Virginia Platisha for making everyone look fantastic!


Make a Movie workshop-1-10

Tiffany couldn’t resist a cameo as Russian Spy, Svetlana, either

Make a Movie workshop-1-5
Make a Movie workshop-1-8
Make a Movie workshop-1-7

Make a Movie workshop-1-4
Make a Movie workshop-1-11

We had SO much fun working with these amazing kids!  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates – we’ll be sharing the film soooooon.

In the meantime, The@trics has finally gotten settled in our new home: Waco, TX.  We can’t wait to begin offering our exciting workshops to this awesome community!



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